How To: CALLUS Removal on the Foot | Live at Georgia Podiatry

CALLUS Removal on the Foot | Live at Georgia Podiatry

I was so Scared to get this procedure done.
I let this Callus give me Pain for about 1 year.
Then I said Ok No more!
The Callus came from Wearing the wrong shoes.
You want to make sure you have the Right
Comfortable shoes when you are standing on your
feet for a Long period of time.
I Loved My Dr. he was so Nice and Gentle.
He made the Process so Excellent!
He also let me Get it all on Video. :-)
The Dr's Office that I went to was:
Georgia Podiatry | Kennesaw
Dr. Evan M. Brody, DPM
Address: 5150 Stilesboro Rd #620, Kennesaw, GA 30152
Phone:(678) 310-0540

They done a Excellent job.
I hope this Video help you decide if you would like
to get your callus removed.
The Surgery wasnt bad at all.
I Soo wish I done it sooner.

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